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The 98’Avengers Sporting Club, also known as a club dedicated to sporting use and Our concept is used to refer to any club that is dedicated to a multiple sport. The 98’Avengers sporting club is an entity which has as its main task to play different types of sports specially cricket. 98’AVENGERS Sporting Club, whose members play together, unpaid, and may play other similar clubs on occasion, watched mostly by family and friends, to large commercial organizations with professional players which have teams which regularly compete against those of other clubs and attract sometimes very large crowds of paying in a large environment.

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16-09-2023, 8 AM, Friday 98 Avengers VS Vikings 98 A Friendly Cricket Match
23-09-2023, 10 AM, Friday Sundaban Royals VS Dhaka Gladiators 98 A Friendly Cricket Match
29-09-2023, 10 AM, Friday Noakhali Royals VS Genius 98 A Friendly Cricket Match

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